2015.11.18 XPagesDay 2015 Session for controlling Drone by XPages, WebGL, Gyro and Motion sensor

XPagesDay is held on 11/18/2015 in Japan

XPagesDay 2015 is held on Nov 17,18 as online and onsite sessions.

Controlling a drone by Xpage on bluemix and IoT Foundation

Kazunori Tatsuki@KTrick has the onsite session on 11/18/2015 for demonstration of controlling drone by XPages on bluemix with Mr Takeshi Yoshida@SOLXYZ. We are going to explain the following technologies to control the drone in the session

  • XPages on Bluemix
  • IoT Foundations on Bluemix
  • MQTT on Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Node RED
  • WebGL
  • Gyro and Motion sensor on smartphone

This project is still under development, but we’ve already finished the WebGL part to synchronize the drone on the browser like below.

Since this is onsite session, please apply the session by following url.

XPAGESDAY 2015 details

Date:11/17/2015 (Tue), 11/18/2015 (Wed)

Place:11/17/2015 (Tue) – online session, 11/18/2015 (Wed) – online and onsite sessions at IBM Hakozaki Office, Japan

XPagesDay official sitehttp://xpagesday.com/xpagesday.nsf/home.xsp