Domino OAuth2 Provider Beta Release by KTrick

I would like to introduce our new solution called “Domino OAuth2 Provider (DOAP)”.
We developed OAuth2 provider that can run on IBM Domino server.

Our Domino OAuth2 Provider (DOAP) brings true OAuth2 capability to your IBM Domino Servers.
Since we decided to provide DOAP community edition for Non-Commercial Use, everyone can download and use it.

Please visit our DOAP website and get the DOAP installer and free license.

Once after you download our DOAP, please follow the tutorial about how to install DOAP:


Please try our “Domino OAuth2 Provider (DOAP)”. Any feedback is really appreciated.

For more detail, you might want to check our FAQ page:


Open Source Project “DOAP Sample Chat app with Domino”

To feel the power of OAuth2 capability with IBM Domino, we open-sourced node.js application called “DOAP Sample Chat app with Domino”.

Please download/clone the code and check the instruction of how to run app from this link:

This sample chat application is written by Node.js, web-socket and OAuth module to communicate with Domino/DOAP.

After the user login to Domino via OAuth2, they can start chat immediately on the web based node.js application. The chat comments are also synchronized with discussion nsf in the background. To pull/push the comments from/to the documents of discussion nsf, this app uses to Domino Data Service(aka Domino REST service). Since DOAP OAuth accessToken is injected in the request body for every requests, IBM Domino authorizes to access the domino data as user permission which is configured in ACL of database.

Below is the demo movie, please turn on the caption of the movie to understand what’s going on.

About ktatsuki

ケートリック株式会社 CEO & CTOをしています。 Notes/Dominoの開発を得意としますが、 C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript などの言語を使ってWEBアプリ、iPhone / Android アプリ開発などをしたりします。 XPagesの仕事をしているとテンションが通常の1.25倍ぐらい高くなります。 I am owner of KTrick Co., Ltd. and Notes/Domino developer. HCL Ambassador (IBM Champion for 2015 - current). I am interested in web application development and preferred languages are Notes/Domino, C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript.


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