KTRICK interview about IBM Verse has been posted in WIRED Japan online



  KTRICK interview has been posted in WIRED Japan online

9/14/2015、KTrick president, Kazunori Tatsuki’s interview about IBM Verse has been posted in WIRED.JP.

http://wired.jp/innovationinsights/post/social/i/verse/ (Japanese only)

This interview was posted in IBM special site in WIRED.JP called “INNOVATION INSIGHTS”(http://wired.jp/innovationinsights/).

Please check out our post regarding IBM Verse which was written for IBM event called IBM XCITE 2015 Spring.

IBM Verse

Special Thanks to all Wired.JP interviewer and IBMer who are dedicated to publish this post.

About ktatsuki

ケートリック株式会社 CEO & CTOをしています。 Notes/Dominoの開発を得意としますが、 C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript などの言語を使ってWEBアプリ、iPhone / Android アプリ開発などをしたりします。 XPagesの仕事をしているとテンションが通常の1.25倍ぐらい高くなります。 I am owner of KTrick Co., Ltd. and Notes/Domino developer. HCL Ambassador (IBM Champion for 2015 - current). I am interested in web application development and preferred languages are Notes/Domino, C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript.

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