Honored to be a 2015 IBM Champion for ICS

ibm champion

12/3/2014, I got one email from IBM and title was “IBM welcomes you as a 2015 IBM Champion!”.

I am very honored to be an IBM Champion 2015 and now I am feeling I should contribute more to the ICS communities.

From Japan, 6 Japanese were designated for IBM Champions for ICS.

Satoru Abe (NEOAXIS Co.,Ltd.)
Kenji Ebihara (Ricoh IT Solutions Co.,Ltd.)
Mitsuru Kato (Teamstudio Japan K.K)
Kazunori Tatsuki (KTrick, llc)
Masahiko Miyo (ef Co.,Ltd.)
Takeshi Yoshida (SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.)


In 2014, I could meet a lot of great developers and business partners and had a chance to do the business together.  I also had chances to join the events as session speaker such as XPagesDay 2014 , IBM XCITE Autumn 2014 , Notes Consortium .

As 2015 IBM Champion・・・

According to the email, It seems that IBM Champion program recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to IBM communities in the following ways

  • Evangelize and advocate for IBM Collaboration Solutions
  • Share knowledge and expertise
  • Help grow and nurture the community
  • Expand reach across the IBM portfolio
  • Present feedback, both negative and positive, in a constructive and professional manner

Personally I would like to contribute the ICS communities so that none IBM related developers become interested in ICS software and development.

I also had chances to work at the IBM user or partner’s development office, then I realized there are many companies which develops a lot of great Notes/Domino applications. So I also would like to provide the valuable information to the world from Japan so that people in the world can realize more that there are many great Japanese developers in Japan.

About ktatsuki

ケートリック株式会社 CEO & CTOをしています。 Notes/Dominoの開発を得意としますが、 C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript などの言語を使ってWEBアプリ、iPhone / Android アプリ開発などをしたりします。 XPagesの仕事をしているとテンションが通常の1.25倍ぐらい高くなります。 I am owner of KTrick Co., Ltd. and Notes/Domino developer. HCL Ambassador (IBM Champion for 2015 - current). I am interested in web application development and preferred languages are Notes/Domino, C++ / Java / PHP / Javascript.

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